Йохан Эдлунд


1990. "Sumerian Cry"
1990. "A Winter Shadow"
1991. "The Astral Sleep"
1992. "Clouds"
1993. "The Sleeping Beauty" (Live In Israel)
1994. "Tour Sampler"
1994. "Wildhoney"
1995. "Gaia"
1995. "The Musical History Of Tiamat"
1997. "Cold Seed"
1997. "A Deeper Kind of Slumbe"
1999. "Brighter Than The Sun"
1999. "For Her Pleasure"
1999. "Skeleton Skeletron"
2002. "Judas Christ"
2003. "Cain"
2003. "Prey"
2007. "Commandments"



"Commandments"- 2007

5. A Caress Of Stars

I was your fear and you were my fate
I wanted you near but I bred your hate
You left me for dead deep down in the mud
With scars on my head, in my heart and my blood

"A caress of stars
A silhouette in the twilight sky
The daybreak sets on silver seas
My name echoes through crimson hills

On the horizon where seas meet clouds
A scenery shimmers beyond reality
I glance a world as a recent lit star
I am swallowed by universe"

A vacant eye caught the last moonlight
A wish to die to be shining bright
As a star to light your way
To where we are not led astray

Deep in death
Wrapped in the morning beauty
Comes close my love
My dearest sister and friend

Copyright ©2007 Тиамат