Йохан Эдлунд


1990. "Sumerian Cry"
1990. "A Winter Shadow"
1991. "The Astral Sleep"
1992. "Clouds"
1993. "The Sleeping Beauty" (Live In Israel)
1994. "Tour Sampler"
1994. "Wildhoney"
1995. "Gaia"
1995. "The Musical History Of Tiamat"
1997. "Cold Seed"
1997. "A Deeper Kind of Slumbe"
1999. "Brighter Than The Sun"
1999. "For Her Pleasure"
1999. "Skeleton Skeletron"
2002. "Judas Christ"
2003. "Cain"
2003. "Prey"
2007. "Commandments"




"Prey" – 2003

6. Carry Your Cross And I'll Carry Mine

Blame my cloven hooves – If I sink what does it prove
I'll always will be your prey
Blame my crooked cross – Say I'm your bitter loss
The winds of hell are blowing your way

Dig your own hole and you'll be mine
Until heavens devour
Your very last hour

Blame it on Hell's fire – And on my desires
The skies are crying blood
Give me all your lies – And blame the lord of flies
The face of evil is the face of GOD


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