Йохан Эдлунд


1990. "Sumerian Cry"
1990. "A Winter Shadow"
1991. "The Astral Sleep"
1992. "Clouds"
1993. "The Sleeping Beauty" (Live In Israel)
1994. "Tour Sampler"
1994. "Wildhoney"
1995. "Gaia"
1995. "The Musical History Of Tiamat"
1997. "Cold Seed"
1997. "A Deeper Kind of Slumbe"
1999. "Brighter Than The Sun"
1999. "For Her Pleasure"
1999. "Skeleton Skeletron"
2002. "Judas Christ"
2003. "Cain"
2003. "Prey"
2007. "Commandments"




"Skeleton Skeletron" – 1999

4. To Have And Have Not

She shivered, afraid that I would shoot
She'd panic, afraid that I would not
She drank it all right before my eyes
Said, be my Lucifer, be my Lord Of Flies

I can take all you blasphemy
I can take all your sins
I can end any moment
And let a new one begin

She said, do it and do it now
Yeah, let all black birds fly again
For all fires that burned before
As hell's fire, shall burn bright once more

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